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60 Day Nasal Rinse Kit | For the treatment of Sinus Pressure, Allergies, Nasal Congestion, and to improve overall Sinus Health.


A Revolutionary Design
We designed our device based on the anatomy of the nose. It features a curved nozzle with directional control for a targeted rinse experience. This allows the device to bypass nasal barriers and directs the fluid towards areas that benefit from rinsing and away from areas that cause discomfort.
A New Rinse Experience
Our nasal rinse device will not block your nose or force the fluid out the opposite nostril, which means the fluid will flow out the same nostril that you are rinsing. This eliminates the drowning sensation and ear discomfort, while ensuring that your entire nasal cavity is properly rinsed. 

Key Product Features:

Revolutionary Device is designed to eliminate drowning sensation and ear discomfort 

Directional Control directs fluid towards areas that benefit from nasal rinsing

Anatomical Design is based on the nasal and sinus anatomy for gentle/effective rinsing

Ergonomic Design allows for easy handling and control

Enlarged Bottle Opening enables easy and effective cleaning

Saline Rinse Device and Mix is FDA registered 

Saline Rinse Mix is all natural - preservative, drug, iodine, BPA, gluten and latex free

Saline Rinse Mix is both isotonic and pH neutral

Saline Rinse Mix is produced in an ISO 13485 certified facility 


Product Box Includes:

  • 240ml Bottle 
  • Directional Nozzle
  • 60 Saline Rinse Mix Packets 
  • Product Instructions
  • Safety Warnings


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Silvia G.
United States United States
It Really Works!

For years, I suffered with sinus problems due to allergies and medications. I used rinses and neti pots. But, Neosinus was a life changer! After just one use, my sinuses felt better instantly! I used it twice a day for two months and my problem went away. Because of the severity of my problem (very dry sinuses using Allegra D), my doctor prescribed a liquid steroid to add to the saline rinse. The rinse saved me from years of headaches and horrible sinus pressure. I highly recommend this product!

Erica M.
United States United States

I had a great experience with this company. I ordered this nasal product and the mailman must have put my product in someone else mailbox because I didn't recieve it. I contacted this company and got a response quickly and the awesome thing that they did for me was they sent someone personally to come to my house and delivered it too me. I was so happy I was in tears because I needed that nasal spray because I just had sinus surgery and they went above and beyond to help me out. I appreciate this company for having my back when I needed them .

United States United States

I really wanted to like this since the design seems to be unique. The segment that goes inside your nose is too narrow and tiny and the most of the rinse ends up running down your nasal passage. If it was bigger/thicker such that it'd touch/block nasal passage when it's inside your nose I think it would've been a much much better product and deliver the rinse as it's intended to.

Neosinus Health

Hi Ghassemi, We truly appreciate you trying our product. Relative to your comment about how the nozzle functions, it was specifically designed by Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Surgeons to completely eliminate the common drowning sensation and ear discomfort found with other products, as well as to effectively rinse the bacteria/allergens from the entire nasal cavity. When the nozzle blocks the nasal opening and pushes the fluid out the other nostril, that is exactly what causes the drowning sensation and ear discomfort, and it pushes the bacteria and allergens back into your body, which is never the desired outcome. How our product works so well, including why it does not block the nostril, is explained on the product instructions sheet and in the promotional video on our web site. - Neosinus Support

United States United States
Excellent Product

I have had sinus issues for decades and have tried a wide variety of saline rinses and applicators. After many years of experimentation, the best options I had found were the Neti Pot and/or a simple 100cc syringe. The Neosinus is hands down, unequivocally superior to both. The shape of the tip directs the saline exactly where it needs to go and simplifies the whole process. It is now faster and easier, with less wasted saline and no discomfort. Highly recommend.

Christophe H.
United States United States

I had been using a Neti pot for many years. I was introduced to Neosinus by Dr Pugh recently, The experience and the effectiveness of the device is way better than traditional devices. I recommend going through the videos on the web site to understand the anatomy of the sinuses to best position the nozzle. The only better way to clean your sinuses is a 30 minutes swim in the ocean! But it might not be convenient for everyone...

Sandy G.
United States United States
Great option!!

Wonderful experience. The traditional way to irrigate my sinuses bothered my ears. There is NO ear involvement now, ONLY true sinus irrigation!