60 Day Nasal Rinse Kit | For the treatment of Sinus Pressure, Allergies, Nasal Congestion, and to improve overall Sinus Health.


A Revolutionary Design
We designed our device based on the anatomy of the nose. It features a curved nozzle with directional control for a targeted rinse experience. This allows the device to bypass nasal barriers and directs the fluid towards areas that benefit from rinsing and away from areas that cause discomfort.
A New Rinse Experience
Our nasal rinse device will not block your nose or force the fluid out the opposite nostril, which means the fluid will flow out the same nostril that you are rinsing. This eliminates the drowning sensation and ear discomfort, while ensuring that your entire nasal cavity is properly rinsed. 

Key Product Features:

Revolutionary Device is designed to eliminate drowning sensation and ear discomfort 

Directional Control directs fluid towards areas that benefit from nasal rinsing

Anatomical Design is based on the nasal and sinus anatomy for gentle/effective rinsing

Ergonomic Design allows for easy handling and control

Enlarged Bottle Opening enables easy and effective cleaning

Saline Rinse Device and Mix is FDA registered 

Saline Rinse Mix is all natural - preservative, drug, iodine, BPA, gluten and latex free

Saline Rinse Mix is both isotonic and pH neutral

Saline Rinse Mix is produced in an ISO 13485 certified facility 


Product Box Includes:

  • 240ml Bottle 
  • Directional Nozzle
  • 60 Saline Rinse Mix Packets 
  • Product Instructions
  • Safety Warnings


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