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Our products are available through our web store and at select healthcare provider offices and independent pharmacies. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist if they carry our products. If they do not, we can definitely include them in our rapidly growing provider network. 

The most frequent complaint from consumers using other nasal products currently available on the market is they experience a sense of drowning, ear discomfort, and nose bleeding. Our patented nasal rinse device was designed to reach the target regions in the nasal cavity to produce positive outcomes while eliminating these negative effects. Current nasal rinse products are not anatomically designed which is why they do not work as effectively as our product.

Not at all. The nozzle is anatomically designed by Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Doctors to ensure the rinse reaches the most important areas within the nose that will improve the health outcomes and eliminate drowning and discomfort when rinsing. 

Our nasal cavity typically encounters a variety of particles in the form of pollen, dust, and other debris throughout the day. Rinsing is essential for helping to thin out mucous, curb postnasal drip, and clear bacteria from the nasal passages. It can also remove allergens, thus relieving allergy symptoms.

It is not only safe, but it is also recommended for good nasal health. If the rinsing device is kept clean, and the right source of water (sterile or distilled) is used in the saline solution, rinsing daily will be beneficial for your overall nasal health. Additionally, our nasal rinse product is designed to eliminate side effects, so rinsing on regular basis can now be a pleasant experience.  

Devices become contaminated when they are continuously used without adequate cleaning. Contaminating bacteria is problematic, as it could lead to more serious infections such as acute sinus infection. Following proper guidelines for cleaning and replacing your device is crucial for preventing infection.

To limit contamination, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the Bottle, Nozzle, and Tube after each use and replace the Nasal Rinse Device within two months of first use. When nasal irrigation is performed at home, it is mandatory to use only sterile, distilled, or filtered water and rinse the device after each use.

For detailed instructions on how to properly clean and disinfect your nasal device, Click Here

Yes, our product is indeed all- natural. The solution is comprised of a mixture of sodium chloride (salt) and bicarbonate of soda. The solution is both isotonic and pH neutral, which means that it contains a similar concentration of salt and pH level found in the human body.

We pride ourselves in giving you a high-quality product. Our product is preservative, drug, iodine, BPA, gluten and latex free. 

Please consult with your doctor about using our product in children under 12 years of age.

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Your nose and sinuses play a very important part in your health. Not only do they filter out the particulate matter, but they also humidify air and bring it to the normal body temperature before the air reaches the lungs.

The nose and paranasal sinuses act as filters, ensuring that the air that finally reaches the lung is free of allergens, particles and infectious agents. Bypassing your nose, predisposes you to breathe in allergens and particles that may cause sickness.

Nasal congestion is a symptom that can arise from either infection, allergies, or chronic inflammation. Doctors recommend that nasal saline rinse be part of the therapy regimen. Nasal rinse allows you to wash out all the infectious or inflammatory material that is trapped in the nasal passages and sinus cavity.

Nasal allergies or allergic rhinitis occurs when your body’s immune system over-responds to specific, non-infectious particles such as plant pollen, molds, dust mites, animal proteins, chemicals, foods, medicines, insect venom, and other triggers. If you think you have nasal allergies, you should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and management. While you are waiting to see a doctor, you can rinse your nasal passages and sinuses with nasal saline rinse.

Symptoms of rhinitis may include:

Nasal blockage or congestion


Runny nose or postnasal drainage

Itchy nose

Treating rhinitis depends on the specific cause or diagnosis. If there is a specific trigger that can be avoided, this may be a successful treatment. For example, in people with cat allergy, avoidance of cat exposure and direct contact with cats may help to alleviate symptoms. One of the most effective, drug-free and easy-to-use therapies for relief from nasal allergies is nasal saline rinse with a physiological mixture of non-iodized salt solution.

Similar to how we maintain our dental hygiene, the best way to maintain nasal and sinus health is by using nasal saline rinse on a regular basis.  Nasal rinsing allows you to wash out all the infectious, allergic or inflammatory material that is trapped in the nasal passages and sinus cavity. 

This allows the nasal and sinus linings to be healthy. The concept of regular rinsing is so important that our corporate number is designed after it: (855) RINSE52, to drive home the need to rinse throughout the 52 weeks of the year!! 

Sinusitis is the infection of the nose and sinuses with viruses and/or bacteria. The result is  excessive sinus drainage, nasal congestion, sinus pressure, and facial discomfort.

Postnasal drip also referred to as drainage, is the excessive sinus secretions draining in the back of the throat resulting in constant throat clearing or nose blowing.

A sinus headache is a sensation of pressure and pain in the sinus region arising from the sinuses being blocked. This is due to the swelling of the sinus lining as a result of infection or inflammation.

The feeling of fullness in the ears after rinsing is due to the rinse hitting the opening of the Eustachian tube which extends between the ears and back of the nose. Consumers who use our patented sinus rinse do not complain about the ear fullness after the sinus rinse. This is because the patented technology of the nozzle prevents the fluid from reaching the back of the nose and hitting the opening of the Eustachian tube.

A daily nasal saline rinse is a simple, medication-free, and harmless way to clear nasal congestion. It is devoid of any side effects which makes it safe for relieving nasal congestion. 

You should see your doctor after all the simple measures and remedies fail to produce the results you expect.

What is the most likely cause of my rhinitis symptoms?

Is allergy testing a consideration in my case?

Will avoiding certain triggers help to improve my symptoms?

Which medications are best suited to treat my condition?

Are any additional evaluations necessary or Lab tests or Consultations with other specialists?

Acute Sinusitis or sinus infections affect millions of adults in the United States each year. Sinus infections include cloudy or colored runny nose with nasal blockage or clogging, facial pain/pressure, or both. Other symptoms include fever, cough, loss of energy, lack of or reduced sense of smell, tooth pain, and ear fullness. The symptoms can be severe enough to disturb your quality of life or general well-being.

Sinus infections can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

viral sinus infection has similar symptoms as bacterial infections but improves within 10 days and does not get worse. A viral sinus infection does not get better from taking antibiotics.

bacterial sinus infection is defined by how long the symptoms last. The 3 types are acute (short course), recurrent (repeated), or chronic (long lasting). An acute bacterial sinus infection is one that either fails to get better within 10 days or has suddenly gotten worse after an initial period of getting better. Acute bacterial sinus infection lasts less than 4 weeks. Recurrent bacterial sinus infections are when an acute sinus infection occurs 4 or more times in a 1-year period. A chronic sinus infection is when 2 or more symptoms and swelling lasts for 12 weeks or longer.

fungal sinus infection is one that is linked with chronic symptoms. Fungal sinus infections usually occur in people who have weak immune systems. Fungal sinus infections can also occur in people who have used long-term antibiotics.

You should see a healthcare provider soon after symptoms occur. Early diagnosis may help avoid misdiagnosis or delayed treatment and worse results. There are several types of sinus infections, so it is important to get the correct diagnosis for proper treatment.

Treatment options should be discussed with the healthcare provider after diagnosis and may include:

<> Acetaminophen or ibuprofen can relieve pain and fever.

<> Saline irrigations, or washing out the nose with saltwater, can relieve symptoms and remove mucus that is hard to blow out.

<> Nasal steroid sprays can reduce symptoms after 15 days of use, but the benefit is small and side effects include headache, nasal itching, and nosebleeds.

<> Decongestants may help you breathe easier and can be taken as a nasal spray (for no more than 3 days in a row to avoid worsening congestion) or by mouth.

Common colds are usually caused by viruses, but they can also cause swelling and pain in the sinuses and eventually lead to sinus infection. Nasal saline rinse has been shown to not only help relieve symptoms of cold but also to prevent cold from developing into a sinus infection.

Chronic Sinusitis is a persistent form of sinus infection that can last for more than 12 weeks. Symptoms include nasal discharge, stuffy nose, postnasal drip, facial pain/pressure or both, fever, cough, tiredness, lack of or reduced sense of smell, toothache, and ear fullness.


Maintaining the health of your nasal passages and sinus cavity is very important. Just as regular dental care results in healthy teeth and gums, similarly regular use of nasal saline rinse results in healthy nasal passages and sinus cavities.